OBERAMMERGAU 1921 XX-RARE uncataloged original bundle strap! + 2 complete sets Notgeld

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One of the highlights of the Notgeld world, the Oberammergau series could only feature one thing, because the town of Oberammergau practically exists for one thing only: the Passion Play.

What makes this particular bundle special here is the wrapper around the outside, an uncataloged, presumably original wrapper for the notes that may have accompanied only a small fraction of the notes (for example, only those purchased directly from city hall itself, rather than through a Notgeld dealer). At this point the details are probably lost to history as to why the wrapper is so incredibly rare to have escaped notice.

In 1634, the Bavarian mountain town of Oberammergau was (largely) spared the ravages of the bubonic plague, and in 1633, the townsfolk had made a pledge that if they were spared, they would stage a theatrical production of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on a grand scale. The play is still performed every ten years (in years ending in zero), with over 100 day-long performances in those years. While critics have argued that anti-semitic elements dominated the play throughout its history, the play has been re-written to address those concerns and remains extremely popular to this day. Most of the town is involved in putting on the play, despite the fact it's held only once every ten years (postponed for 2020 due to coronavirus).

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the play here.

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