ALTENBURG 1921 "Kidnapping of the Two Princes" complete series German Notgeld

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Tells the story of the kidnapping of two young princes by the knight Kunz von Kauffungen from Altenburg. But these were no ordinary two princes (there were a lot of princes back then), these were the two children of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony. He was the closest thing there was to a German Kaiser at the time, and the two princes shown being kidnapped here, Ernst and Albrecht, would later found both Thüringen and Saxony, two major German states. For a long time afterward, it was actually forbidden to speak of the kidnapping in Saxony!

A very interesting set with extremely well-executed art. The indentations from the letterpress printing found on these notes, now thought to lend a touch of class to printed products like wedding invitations in a world of flat digital reproductions, were actually considered at the time to indicate cheaper, lesser printing quality than smooth prints!

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