THALE 1921 XX-RARE Anti-Semitic Specimen "Devil and Jew" 50 Pf German Notgeld

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Incredibly rare specimen note from the Thale "Devil and Jew" anti-semitic set. Not exactly sure what the point of this is, it appears to be a collection of spooky images. Thale is in the Harz Mountains, famous for witches and the supernatural, and while I thought there might be some shadow of a doubt about the anti-semitism, maybe it could be a witch, except that the red eyeglasses, clearly a central and defining element of this caricature, seem to rule that out.

It tells us a great deal about the Germany of 1921 that it just somehow seemed fitting to casually include a horrific Jewish stereotype, apparently depicted in league with the devil here, on this city's everlasting representation of itself to the world.

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