ACHIM 1921 "Rural Life" complete series German Notgeld

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Perched in the Linden Mountains just south of Bremen, Achim is often referred to as Achim bei Bremen. The city has very little in the way of successful farming in its history, surrounded as it is by the marshland of the Weser river, today a nature preserve for, among other creatures, an enormous diversity of bee populations. Nonetheless we find some bucolic scenes of rural farming life with dairy cows, a windmill, and a little boat ready for some relaxing time on the pond.

The figures on the notes represent the bounty of the earth and the production of industry, a common juxtaposition found on many a Notgeld banknote.

The two color choices are both found in the example photo here, which shows an AUNC mixed set. The top 25 Pfennig note is the color I'm simply calling blue, while the 50 Pfennig note on the bottom is the navy blue. So you can see how close the two blues really are to one another, and there is variation within each type of blue as well, often making them difficult if not impossible to distinguish.

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