ALTRAHLSTEDT *XX-RARE* "Liliencron Society" NO OVERPRINT!! complete set Notgeld

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Incredibly rare complete series, larger size notes with amazing art. Most importantly, the huge overprint that is all over the reverse of these notes normally is not present. These are the original issued series notes, which served as donation notes (Spendenscheine) for those who purchased them from the Liliencron Gesellschaft (Liliencron Society).

Donating to the society to receive these notes must not have been very popular, because somehow nearly the entire print run ended up being overprinted with a date extension and re-issued as early inflation Notgeld by the city of Altrahlstedt itself in 1922. Making these notes - a complete set without the overprint, found in the Series Notgeld catalog instead of the 1922 Inflation Notgeld catalog like those with the overprint - incredibly rare and valuable.

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