ANNABERG 1923 "Assistance for the Elderly" RARE complete set Inflation Notgeld

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Nice larger notes, February 1923, inflation was just starting to ramp up. These notes, however, were more like Series Notgeld, specifically Spendenscheine, or donation notes. The text reads: "[This note is] not Notgeld, but rather a receipt for stated face value." The money donated from collectors who purchased these notes, clearly intended for the collectors' market, went to help the elderly who were suffering most from the increasingly out-of-control devaluation of their life savings.

We will have to beg to differ, however, with the contention that this was not Notgeld. It most definitely was, and is found today in the catalogs that exist for early inflation Notgeld. The early inflation period dates from 1922 until about May or June of 1923, (the final six or seven months of 1923 are the peak of hyperinflation and its ultimate end).

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