APOLDA 1921 "Dog Market/Weaving Loom/Castle" complete series German Notgeld

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A great set that depicts various now-historical scenes from Apolda. I've translated the little sayings under each note.

A: Apolda, it's well known, is sometimes also called Gramont.

B: In a castle, plainly so, ruled the Vice-Count's old family

C: Now trade and industry rule here; Apolda's reputation reaches over the sea

D: Many wool articles are manufactured, with a spinning loom, a hyperactive woman [Raschel], and a round stool.

E: Many a bell, big and small, is surely from Apolda.

F: Dachsunds, Poodles, Pinschers, Dobermanns, one can buy at the dog market.

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