BRAUNSCHWEIG 1922 "Notgeld Rarities - E. Appelhans & Comp." Advertising Booklet

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An exceptionally rare advertising mailer from one of the great Notgeld publishing houses, E. Appelhans & Comp. in Braunschweig. Advertises the Pößneck leather Notgeld and a great number of Notgeld notes, and one thing I learned from this flyer: the Braunschweig Grossnotgeld notes from 1918 which have the A.S.R.BR. imprint were called "Bolshevik Notgeld" because those initials stood for the Arbeiter- und Soldatenrat Braunschweig ("Braunschweig Workers and Soldiers Council"). These "workers and soldiers councils," as they were called were part of the often Communist-leaning uprisings that helped to end World War I.

Not offered for sale anywhere else in the world. An incredible historical and numismatic document!

Booklet dated 1922, postmarked February 21, 1923.

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