GERA 1921 complete *SPECIMEN* set + original envelope! Extremely rare Notgeld!

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This complete specimen set lacks serial numbers and has the red overprint. Of the two possible types of specimens, this is a complete set of the even higher catalog value original set of specimens without the series letter 'A'. Also the envelope's two sides are indeed printed upside-down with respect to one another as shown in the photos, which appears to be a rare uncataloged error as well.

An extremely interesting series both as a historical document and as expressionist art! Unlike most sets in chronological order, this set emphasizes the depths to which German society had sunk as a result of WWI by beginning with the highest denomination and ending with the 25 Pfennig (lowest denomination) note last, representing the poverty of 1921 Germany.

The notes read in order (my translation):

  • 75 Pf #1: Suffered plunder and burning in earliest times
  • 75 Pf #2: Arisen under Henry II's splendor
  • 50 Pf: Rich and blossoming through indefatigable weaving
  • 25 Pf: Poor again and only the appearance of life

The last note is a pun on the fact that all this paper money printing was one of the primary causes of their economic woes: nur ein Schein-Leben, which I've translated as "only the appearance of life", is a play on the fact that Schein means both 'appearance' and 'note', as in 'banknote' (Geldschein).

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