GÖRLITZ 1922 "Der Stahlhelm" + "CONFISCATED" Envelope - Uncataloged!! Notgeld

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This envelope is quite possibly the only one of its kind in existence. Here the already quite rare original envelope for the Görlitz "Der Stahlhelm - Bund der Frontsoldaten" series is overprinted with the words "Confiscated and upon objection released again. July 22, 1922." This overprint has never been mentioned in any catalog.

Immediately one suspects that this confiscation is something that would likely have occurred in the French-occupied Rheinland, even though Görlitz is far east of that area, as there were a number of wholesale confiscations of Notgeld printing runs in that area.

It's also possible that a local authority was attempting to enforce the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, as groups like Der Stahlhelm and the Freikorps were certainly skirting the lines of the Versailles prohibitions regarding military organizations, and that led to this most curious overprint. The "No. 2" written on the reverse also raises more questions: was this part of a number of sets that were confiscated? Was it some kind of exhibit for a bureaucratic authority?

Either way, as the only known example of an incredibly important variant for one of the most sought-after Notgeld sets, owning this particular set with its "Confiscated" original bundle wrapper would be a crowning achievement for any Notgeld or WWI militaria collector.

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