GÖRLITZ 1922 "Der Stahlhelm" XX-RARE complete set w/ENVELOPE! German Notgeld

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Certainly one of the most coveted Notgeld series, the "steel helmet" referred to here is not just the steel helmet the soldiers wore during World War I. After World War I, military organizations were disbanded by the victorious allies, and one of the first paramilitary organizations to skirt the line of this prohibition called itself Der Stahlhelm. Officially a veterans' aid organization of and for veterans of the first world war, the influential group produced charismatic, nationalist leaders who vied with the likes of Hitler for power over the country's increasingly fascist right wing. The Stahlhelm was ultimately co-opted by the Nazis, and the leader of the Stahlhelm who challenged Hitler electorally in 1932, Theodor Duesterberg, lost the election to Hitler after rumors were spread about his alleged Jewish ancestry. Duesterberg was then imprisoned during the Night of the Long Knives.

Of course, there were a great number of Jewish veterans of WWI in Germany and many still belonged to organizations like the Stahlhelm in 1922 when these notes were issued. In January of 1922, Stahlhelm founder Franz Seldte declared that the members of the Stahlhelm were "not Jews and non-Jews, but rather Stahlhelm-people." But this changed along with the creeping political climate of anti-Semitism that gave rise to Hitler and the Holocaust, and in 1924 Jews were forbidden from joining the "veterans' organization." Seldte himself joined Hitler's cabinet in 1933 and the Stahlhelm was ultimately merged into the Sturmabteilung (SA). Görlitz in 1922 was home to a number of well-established Jewish families and was also the town that produced perhaps the greatest display of Jewish pride on a Notgeld note, the Cafe Hansa series.

This is a complete set of the very rare Görlitz "Der Stahlhelm" series, issued by the organization itself to raise funds and awareness. All six notes lack serial numbers. The extremely rare original envelope is included with this set!

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