HAMBURG 1923 Only known example w/Inflation Overprint! WWI Disabled Vets XX-RARE complete series German Notgeld

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Not listed in any catalog anywhere with the "Eine Million" inflation overprint!

3 x 1 Million Mark

This complete series, originally issued in Hamburg in 1921 by the Bund Deutscher Kriegsbeschädigter ("Association of Injured German War Veterans"), started out in 1921 as a popular but very rare set of Serienscheine, or series notes. A very striking set of imagery, most likely evoking anti-semitism with the use of the codeword Schieber ('profiteer'), and definitely a hatred of jazz or "degenerate art," again with racial overtones. The culture that characterized the Nazi party is plainly evident on the 75 Pfennig note, providing us today with an incredibly insightful window into exactly the kind of propaganda that led to the rise of the Nazi Party and ultimately the Holocaust. Hitler's mindset was shaped by the propaganda of this time, and this is exactly the kind of imagery he used as well, the patriotic German as the victim.

But this re-issue of an already very rare and highly sought-after set of notes has never even been mentioned as even rumored to exist in any catalog, nor has any specialist in Germany I've spoken with ever seen this before. This is the only known example with the inflation overprint, and a complete series in excellent condition. It is likely that all three are one-of-a-kind, since no others have turned up in the last nearly 100 years.

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