JEVER 1921/1923 XX-RARE "Marien-Gymnasium 350th Anniv." complete series German Notgeld

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An incredible find, this complete set has never before been known to exist with this overprint from the 350th "Johrfier" (local Oldenburg-region dialect for Jahrfeier, or "anniversary celebration") of the Marien-Gymnasium school in Jever. Already a rare set with no overprint from 1921, there is one overprint from 1922 that is listed with a much higher catalog value over the regular notes, but it is not this overprint

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a museum-level uncataloged rarity.

The Marien-Gymnasium is not named after the Virgin Mary, it is named after Maria of Jever, who founded the school in 1573 and who is depicted on the top note.

Maria of Jever was the noblewoman who ended up ruling Jeverland after her brother's death and overcame a great many struggles to benefit her people tremendously, including, as the note states, granting city rights to Jever in 1536. The date underneath her photo is the year of her death in 1575, which is an interesting story: her death was kept a secret for some time under the pretense that she was in bed, while a servant would eat food placed outside her door every day to keep up the appearance she was alive.

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