VOHWINKEL 1923 Unreal 666 Serial! "Witches' One-Times-One" 50 Million Mark Inflation Notgeld

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Of all the notes on which to find a 666 serial number! Not only is this taken from Goethe's Faust, which has arguably the greatest devil character in all of literary history (sorry, Milton), but the exact portion quoted here is the best-known occult numerological passage in all of German literature.

Nobody has been able to decipher the meaning of what the witch is saying over her boiling cauldron in Goethe's Faust, though many attempts have been made. It's the Hexeneinmaleins, or the "Witches' One-Times-One." I can translate it (translate, but not decode):

You must understand!
From one make ten,
And two let go,
And three the same,
So you are rich.
Lose the four!
From five and six,
So says the witch,
Make seven and eight,
So it's complete!
And nine is one,
And ten is none,
That's the witches' one-times-one!

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